For updating Rates and Availability, the Rates & Availability Calendar is to be used. Access to this page is available via the settings page and under ‘Revenue”, by clicking the button ‘Rates and Availability’:

Under ‘Rates’ all topics are described, but the actual changing of daily rates and/or availability is described here. An important tool to change larger periods or multiple fields is the ‘Bulk Update’.

After changing the Rates, Restrictions and/or Availability, Roomer will automatically update all applicable channels via it’s Channel Management connection. There is no additional action needed from the user to do so. Although the connections with Channels are very stable, it is advised to check if the updates are processed correctly by the Channel(s). This can be done in the extranet of the Channel. Roomer will only be able to identify errors caused by incorrect sending to or receiving updates by the Channel, not on the actual processing of the update on the Channel’s platform.


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