For the Rates & Availability Calendar, the user can set the period as desired. In order to do so, the dat picker is available on the top of the page.

Dates or date ranges can be selected in various ways:

    • the start date is directly set to today (it will be marked blue). The end date has to be selected (can’t be today too).
    • After clicking ‘Apply’ on the bottom of the date picker, the R&A calendar is adjusted accordingly and will display the date range as selected.
    • the start date is directly set to tomorrow (it will be marked blue). The end date has to be selected (has to be at least the day after tomorrow).
  • WEEK
    • First a day in the week to be selected has to be selected (it will be marked blue). This can be random date, by just clicking the date or today (click today) or tomorrow (click tomorrow).
    • when a day is selected, clicking Week will auto select the week the selected day is in. The week is Monday – Sunday.
    • Month opens a drop-down, with all months in the list.
    • Selecting a month will auto select all days of the specific month of the current Year (the selected days will be marked blue).
    • Users can, besides the preset intervals, also select any random period.
    • Set the correct month and/or year on top of the date picker
    • Select the start date by clicking the date in the date calendar (it will be marked blue)
    • Drag the mouse over the calendar to the desired end date ((it will be marked blue and the days between start and end will light blue).
    • If the end date is a month later, use the arrow on top to proceed to the next month or later.


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