At the hart of the PMS is the Rates & Availability Calendar (R&A). On this calendar the actual pricing and availability is managed and from here send to all channels.
Being it the hart, is has a fast amount of options in order to enable users to convert the strategy to daily operation.

The R&A screen is divided in multiple parts:

  1. the Filter
    1. the Left part is a filter, that toggles on and off the desired channels, rate plans, room types and/or restrictions
  2. Date picker
    1. on the top is a date range, that opens when clicked on. The user has full freedom to select the desired date (range)
  3. Main Calendar
    1. Right screen is the main calendar and shows, based on the set date (range) and filters, the data. Changes are made directly in the calendar
  4. Buttons
    1. bulk update opens a new window where changes can be made for a longer period of time, with multiple selections.
    2. Recalculate will go over all prices for the selected date (range) and recalculate them, where the Master Rate is the basis.


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