Code Sets the code for new Rate Plans Can only be set for new Rate Plans, can not be changed when saved
Name Sets the name for the Rate Plan Free field, advised is to use a descriptive name
Description Sets the description for the Rate Plan Free field
Cancellation Policy Sets the Cancellation Policy for the Rate Plan Only active Cancellation Policies listed
Meal Plan The desired Meal Plan is set, by using the drop-down There are four options to choose from: None (no meals are included) / Breakfast / halfboard / full board
Reservation delivery only Checkbox that enabled the Rate Plan to act for Reservation Delivery only This option is used for Rate Plans on Expedia only. It will result in the Rate Plan not being updated to the Channels, it is only to map incoming reservations . Please contact Roomer support for more information
Set length of Stay Chekbox that enables the set up of Minimum and Maximum Stay When checked the fields for Minimum and Maximum Stay will be enabled. Default is no Min or Max, so all lengths of Stay are bookable
Minimum Sets the Minimum Length of Stay for a reservation with this Rate Plan Only active when ‘Set Length of Stay’ is checked
Maximum Sets the Maximum Length of Stay for a reservation with this Rate Plan Only active when ‘Set Length of Stay’ is checked
Always open for booking Checkbox that sets the Rate Plan to always bookable See table below for more details
Add date Adds a new line for the from and to date Can be either Black out date (when Always open for Booking is checked) or Stay Date (when unchecked)
Arrival possible on Fast selection method to enable Arrivals Always will check all days of the week, Weekdays and Weekends will check the days as set under Seasons/Events

Detailed descriptions:

Field Possible values Description Remarks
Always open for Booking Checked (default) The Rate Plan is ALWAYS active for Reservations To exclude/deactivate certain days/period, the Black out dates are used.
Unchecked The Rate Plan is NEVER active for Reservations To activate certain days/period the Stay Dates are used (by unchecking ‘Always open for booking’, the Black out Dates field will change to Stay Dates)


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