Rate and Availability Fields

Occupancy System generated value that indicates the occupancy per day Informs the user on the actual daily occupancy
Channel name / currency Displays the Channel name and the Currency for the channel Master Rate is not an Channel. Per Channel the currency can vary and the prices will be calculated accordingly
Room type name Displays the name of the Room Type Here only ‘Double Rooms’ is shown, due to the filter settings
Availability Number of rooms available for the Room Type per day This is the actual Availability, calculated on the number of rooms available minus the reservations made
Price Per Rate the price is displayed per day Th Price is displayed in the currency of the Channel and can be edited directly in the field
Min/max stay Sets the Minimum stay and Maximum stay for the selected day in number of nights Min and Max are requirements for the reservation, the length of stay has to match these restrictions to be bookable
Stop sell Checkbox to set the Stop Sell value If checked, the Stop sell is active and the Room can not be booked for the rate on the selected day
Closed to arrival Checkbox to set the Closed to Arrival value If checked, no reservations for the selected Room and Rate are possible with arrival on the selected date
Closed to departure Checkbox to set the Closed to Departure value If checked, no reservations for the selected Room and Rate are possible with departure on the selected date
Min LOS based on arrival Checkbox to set the MinLos based on arrival value The MinLOS based on arrival dictates that all arrivals for the selected Room type. rate plan and date have to match the set MinLOS
Single Use Price Sets the price for Single occupancy of a room used for some channels where, for instance, a Double Room can be booked for just 1 person. If so, the Single Use price will apply

block update fields

It is possible to exclude days from updates on the Prices / Restrictions and/or Stop sell. The functionality is accesible via the arrow in the Price field. A dropdown is shown where the Block can be set. If a Block is selected the corresponding fields will be marked with a ‘R’ (in this example all are checked):

Checkbox Block rate updates sets the value for Block rate updates When checked, no automatic updates are processed for the selected Price field (e.g. when the Master Rate is changed)
Checkbox Block Restrictions sets the value for Block rate restrictions When checked, no automatic changes are processed on the restricitons for the selected day
Checkbox Block Stop Sell Sets the value for Block Stop Sell When checked, no automatic changes on the Stop Sell are processed for the selected day

System fields

Save Saves the changes made Upon saving also all updates for the selected period are send to the Channels
Cancel Cancels the changes The R&A is reverted to the last values and all changes are discarded
Bulk Update Access to the Bulk Update interface Opens in a new window
Recalculate Button t recalculate all derived rates Uses the values in the master rate to recaluculate all derived rates/ This discards any manual made and unsaved changes


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