Each hotel needs at least one location and for most hotels one location will be sufficient.
For some hotels, multiple buildings are used and to allocate rooms to those building (e.g. main building and annex) the locations are used.
Locations are not intended to differentiate multiple properties, as all locations reside under one property and will be treated as such within the PMS and external channels. If multiple properties are to be managed, contact ROOMER to inquire the best solutions for your hotel(s).

Locations can be changed at any moment, but when changed (or added) be aware that also allocating rooms to the (new) location might be needed.

  • when opened, the right (main) screen is empty as no Location has been selected yet.
  • The list has three filters:
    • active – by clicking ‘active’ only Locations that are marked active are displayed in the list
    • inactive – by clicking ‘inactive only Locations that are marked inactive are displayed in the list
    • all – all Locations are displayed in the list
  • The ‘plus sign / add Location will open a new location form in the right screen.


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