The Invoice Report gives a listing of all closed invoices. This means that invoices that have not been finalized yet, are not listed in the report.
Listed Invoices can not been changed, but they can be credited. Credit invoices are also listed in the report.

From the list the invoices can be opened and the details are shown. From that point an invoice can be printed, mailed or credited.

Search options

On top of the page three options are given to start the reporting of invoices. All options have to be applied in order to work,the report opens per default with ‘Show last 25’:

Show Last Shows the last xx of invoices The latest number of invoices is shown, the number is set in second field
Date Range Enables to search in a date range After selecting the calendar is opened to set the date range
Number Range Enables to search for specific invoice number(s) After selecting the fields ‘from’ and ‘to’ will be enabled to enter the desired invoice number (range)

Report Options

On the page a number of options are displayed:

Show all columns Checkbox that will display all columns on the report Default a number of columns are hidden
Clear Filters Clears all filters that have been applied The report can be filtered on all columns, this button resets all filters
Print Prints the Invoice report the printed report will be the same as on the screen
Export Excel All data is exported to Excel A *.xlsx document is generated and downloaded

The Invoice Report Fields

As mentioned, per default a number of columns is hidden, firstly the ‘simple’ fields are listed and the columns that are added by checking ‘show all column’ in a second table.

Default Invoice report fields

Invoice Number The number for the invoice Clicking the number will open the invoice
Invoice Date Date of closing the invoice
Due Date Date the invoice is due This can be set during the closing of the invoice
Credit Type Debit or credit For every credit invoice a debit invoice has to exist
Invoice Type Room or Group Invoices can either be Room invoice or Group Invoices
External ID Number set by third party When invoices are send to a bookkeeping system, the system returns an ID and that is displayed here
Name on Invoice Name as set during closing the invoice When closing the invoice, the option to use various headers determines which name is on the invoice
Invoice Amount Total on the invoice (incl VAT) total amount as charged
Currency Currency used for the invoice Invoices can be closed with all Currencies active, the used currency is shown here
Pay Type Method of payment The way of payment (e.g. cash or credit card) is shown here

Extended Invoice Report Fields

Credit Link Displays the link to the credit or debit invoice each credit invoice is linked to a debit invoice, For credit this links to the debit invoice and for debit to the credit invoice. Only exists if a credit invoice is made
Exportable Toggle switch If an invoice is not to be send to the third party this has to be unchecked. Per default it is switched on
Company Name Displays the Company name If a company is linked to the reservation, it is displayed here
Exchange rate Displays the exchange rate as it was when closing the invoice Only displayed if the invoice is closed with another Currency then the native
Local amount Calculated amount in native currency Conversion to the native currency, with use of the exchange rate
Reservation Reservation number The reservation number is displayed, clicking it will open the Reservation
Room Reservation Room Reservation number Displays the Room Reservation number
Reference Reference set on the invoice Can be an external ID or a note set during closing the Reservation
Arrival date Arrival date of the reservation
Departure date Departure date of the reservation
User PMS User Code Displays the PMS User code of the User that closed the invoice

Filtering and sorting

All fields in the Report can be used to sort by clicking on it (sorting can only be done with one field at the time).
After the first click sorting is done ascending (starting with zero) and after clicking it again, sorting will be done descending.

Filtering is also an option, just click the boxes below each Column header. In the field start typing the text/number/date to filter/search for. With ever digit the results will be adjusted.


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