All general settings of the hotel are set on this page. Some fields or values are only displayed for reference and cannot be changed.

  • Hotel
    • Hotel Code = the Roomer code for the hotel
      • used for logging in and reference in communication with Roomer Support
      • displayed only
    • Hotel Native Currency = is the default currency for the hotel
      • used for all currency calculations
      • displayed only, so not changeable

  • Hotel Name = Name for the property
    • name is used throughout the PMS and on all (guest) communications
    • can be changed at any moment
  • Time zone = time zone used for the PMS
    • the set time zone can be different from the time zone the property is in
    • time zone is used for background processes and e.g. cancellation policies


Address street and house number of the property
Country country where the property is located
Postal Code postal code of the property
City city where the property is located
Province Province/state where the property is located


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