New and Existing Currencies

Abbreviation Predefined list of currencies, one is selected Use the drop-down to select one, no own input is possible
Name Is set automatically by selecting the Abbreviation Can be manually overwritten if wanted
rate Sets the rate of the currency the nativie currency has rate = 1 and the other currencies have their exchange rate for the native currency
Symbol Sets the symbol as used for the Currency Free field, can also be text
Decimals Sets the number of decimals displayed for the currency Use the dropdown to set the number (can be zero)
Decimals separator Sets the desired separator for decimals Choose between a dot and a comma
Thousands separator Sets the desired separator for thousands Choose between: dot / comma / single space and none
Symbol position Determines where the symbol is placed Prefix: the symbol value is placed before the amount, Suffix: the symbol value is placed after the amount


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