Opening the grid

By clicking the blue ‘Channel Mapping’ button, the grid opens in the right screen.

  • The First Column displays the active Room Types and their connected Rate Plans
  • The other Columns display the active channels and the status for the connected Room-Rate combinations

Grid statuses

In the grid per Room Type and Rate plan, each Channel has a checkbox. There are three statuses possible:

  • RED
    • Indication that the Room-Rate combination is not to be sold via the Channel.
    • No mapping is done from Roomer to the corresponding rate of the Channel
    • No updates on rates and availability are sent to the channel for the Room-Rate Combination.
  • Green
    • The connection is made and activated for the Room-Rate combination.
    • The Room-Rate Combination is mapped to the corresponding Rate of the Channel
    • Updates are sent on rates and availability to the channel for the Room-Rate Combination
  • Blue
    • Either the mapping has been requested (from red to blue) OR the unmapping has been requested (from green to blue)
    • Blue states that Roomer is working on it, management of the connection can only be done by Roomer

Request mapping

  1. Check the boxes for the Room type – Rate Combination and Channel to change from red to blue OR green to blue
    1. the save button will be enabled
  2. When done, click ‘Save’
    1. The PMS will display a summary with all the changes made:
  3. Click ‘Save’ to sent the requested changes to Roomer Support
    1. The summary is closed
    2. All changed boxes are blue on the grid
    3. The save button is disabled

Adding Channels

Channels can only be added by Roomer Support. When a new channel is needed, contact Roomer Support. After adding the Channel, the process will be the same as described above for all other channels.


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