For communicating a clear cancellation policy (and possible costs) to the guest, each policy can be set up with the use of cancellation windows.
A Cancellation Window is a rule that determines the periods and the costs for the cancellation within the set time limits.

The cancellation windows uses these fields:

Name Description Variations
Number/Amount Sets the amount for the time span Numeric value
Time span Determines the time span for the cancellation window Day(s) / Hour(s) / Week(s) / Month(s)
Prior to Determines the calculation method Arrival / Departure
Before Determines the deadline for the cancellation window All time-slots, with a 30 minute interval
Cancellation fee Sets the amount for the cancellation window When Fee Calculation is in %: 0-100 / When Fee Calculation is an amount a numeric value
Fee calculation Determines the method of calculation the fee for the cancellation window % of first Night / % of total stay / First night / Total Stay / Fixed Amount

The calculation fee variations in detail:

% of first Night A percentage of the Reservation value for the first night only is charged
% of total stay A percentage of the Reservation value for the total stay is charged
First Night The the reservation value for the first night only is charged
Total Stay The reservation value for the total stay is charged
Fixed Amount A fixed amount is charged, regardless of the Reservation value

Setting a Cancellation Window

  1. Open an existing Cancellation Policy or start a new Cancellation policy
  2. On the bottom of the page, click ‘Add Cancellation policy’
    1. A new line is added under ‘Cancellation window(s)’
  3. Set the amount in the first field
    1. the red required indicator is removed
  4. set the time span
  5. choose arrival or departure
  6. set the before time
  7. Enter the desired cancellation fee (either a percentage or amount)
  8. set the fee calculation
  9. When needed, click ‘Add Cancellation policy’ and set the details
    1. repeat until the policy is set correctly
  10. Click ‘Save’
    1. The changes are saved
    2. The PMS shows a green bar on top, indicating saving was successful
    3. The Cancellation policy is closed

Deleting a Cancellation Window

At the end of each Cancellation window is a trashcan. By clicking the trashcan, the Cancellation window is removed from the Cancellation policy.
The changes are not permanent until the Cancellation policy is saved.


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