The Sidebar of the Calendar page has three parts:

  1. Hotel Status
  2. Unassigned Reservations
  3. Availability

1. Hotel Status

On the Calendar the Hotel Status presents quick information per day on the most important Performance Indicators:

Occupancy Percentage indicating the level of occupied rooms Total reserved rooms are divided by the total amount of rooms
Sellable Rooms Displays the total number of rooms that can/could be sold The amount is net
Rooms Sold Displays the number of sold rooms for the selected period
Left to sell Displays the number of rooms left to sell the number is for the specific day (total rooms minus (sold rooms+out of order)
Out-of-order Displays the number of rooms that are set to Out-of-Order
Revenues Total Room Revenues per day Displayed in the Hotel Native Currency
ADR Displays the Average Daily Rate for the selected period ADR is calculated by calculating the average of the used rate for all reservations, per day
RevPar Displays the revenue per available room for the selected period The revenue is divided by the available (for sales) rooms, for the selected period

2. Unassigned reservations

The Unassigned Reservations are all Reservations that have not been assigned to a specific Room yet. The number behind the title indicates the number of Reservations that still have to be assigned.
All Reservations that are not made in the hotel, so all third party channels, are unassigned when they appear in the PMS. Assigning can be done from this list, by dragging the Reservation to the calendar, or by opening and editing the Reservation itself.

Note: Cancelled Reservations are automatically unassigned and will be listed here.

3. Availability

The Availability overview provides a quick overview of available rooms per day. Per Room Type the total Rooms and available rooms per day are shown.


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