The Main Calendar can be a long list, especially for hotels with many rooms, reservations and when a longer period is set. To maintain an overview or have only the desired information on screen, the Filter Bar can be very helpful.

By selecting, or deselecting, the Main Calendar will show only the at the moment needed information. Examples can be:

  • Only a specific Room Type
  • Only Clean Rooms
  • All Reservations that are Checked-in
  • All combinations/variations!


For ‘Room Status’, ‘Room Type’ and ‘Reservation’ the process is the same:

  1. Show all per topic
    1. Check the ‘All… “ checkbox and all options will be selected.
    2. Uncheck ‘All..’ to deselect all options
  2. To have only specific options shown, just check the applicable checkbox(es)

In order to have all options shown, click ‘Show more’ to expand the part of the filter. When expanded, it will change to ‘Show less’ and clicking it will collapse the list again. On the bottom, the ‘Reset all Filters’ is shown. Clicking it will remove all manual filters and restore the default values.

Filter Bar Fields:

Room Status

Filtering on Room Status will only display the checked statuses. Room Statuses refer to the Housekeeping status and with that these options are available:

Status Description
Not Clean Room has been in use
Being Cleaned Cleaning is in progress
Ready for Inspection Cleaning is done, inspection needed
Clean Room is inspected and marked as clean/ready for use
Clean but needs maintenance Room is inspected and marked as clean, but maintenance is needed before next use
Maintenance in progress Maintenance is in progress at the moment, follow up status for the previous status
Maintenance needed Room is not cleaned, maintenance is needed before the room is cleaned
Do not Disturb No cleaning for this room allowed on request of the guest

Room Types

Filtering on Room Types will only display the checked Room Types. Room types will vary per hotel, all active Room Types are displayed in the list.


Filtering on Reservation will only display the checked Reservation (statuses). Reservations can have the following statutes:

Status Description Remarks
Checked-in The room is checked in
Reservation A reservation that has been made and is due to be arrive/being checked-in Fix reservation
Optional Booking A Reservation that is optional, often used to give quotes to guests Optional Bookings don’t have an influence on the actual Availability
Blocked Reservation that is not final yet, often used to give guests time The Blocked Reservations are not fixed yet, but do influence the actual Availability
No Show Set when the Guests don’t show up When ‘No-Show’ is set. the Availability is updated directly. The Reservation remains open in order to invoice the guest
Checked put The room is check out The guest left, the invoices are finalized and the room is free again
Waiting List Reservation that is not final and can be changed when a room gets vacant Waiting list has no effect on Availability
Allotment Allotment can only be used with the previous Roomer PMS if needed, contact Roomer Support for further information
Cancelled Reservation that has been cancelled by the guest The availability is updated directly, the Reservation can be invoices as usual

Sort by

The Calendar can be sorted by ‘Room Type’ or ‘Floor’.

  • Selecting Room type will result in a calendar that lists the rooms per Room Type, so first all rooms for Room Type 1, then all Rooms for Room Type 2, etc. Within the Room Type, the sorting is done on the Room number
  • Selecting Floor will result in a calendar that lists the rooms per Floor, so first all Rooms on floor 1, then all Rooms on floor 2, etc. Within the Floor, the sorting is done on the Room number

Filter Unassigned

When checked, the calendar will only display the rooms that are assigned to a group reservation where at least one of the room reservations is not yet assigned. This gives the user a quick overview of not assigned room reservations.


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