For Room Types and Rooms the bedding configuration has to be set. Per default the configuration from Room Types is also used on the Rooms, so the instructions will apply to Room types here. But the functionality is exactly the same for both.

Three mayor options apply to the Bedding Configuration:

single bed configuration

Just a single bedding type is selected, e.g. King size, and therefore available for the room type. There can be multiple beds,but they will be of the same type.

the ‘AND’ option

With this option multiple bedding types can be selected for the room type (and multiple beds of the same bedding type). E.g. 1 King size bed AND 1 single bed.

the ‘OR’ option

With this a variance can be set: e.g. the room type has 1 King size bed OR 1 Queen size bed. This can be combined with the AND option.
In most cases the room type will be set up like this (e.g. Double rooms have a King size OR Queen Size) and the actual rooms will be set accordingly.


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