The Playing & On Deck screen provides another method for score entry. This screen shows a view of all matches in progress, the courts they are assigned to and the on deck list for the next round of play. Use the Playing & On Deck button on the Live Console to access the screen.

This screen is divided by sections for playing, on deck and previous matches grouped by location. Matches can be started from this screen and may also be edited.

  • Playing Matches – The first column shows playing matches. Click on a match to enter the score or print a score sheet. Once scores are entered, the match will be moved to the previous column.
  • On Deck Matches – The second column shows On Deck Matches. If the event has been assigned to specific courts, matches will only be shown as On Deck for those assigned courts. Numbers in yellow on the listing show the courts that a team is currently playing on, if any. Once scores are entered for the current matches, those numbers will disappear. At that point, an On Deck match may be started by clicking on the Start Button.
  • Previous Matches – The third column shows the previous match that had been played on the court. Click on the match to edit the score.