When you open the app for the first time, you’ll find the status page. This page will not hold much info the first time you’re opening the app, but once you start using Nofence, you’ll find an overview of your active pastures here and see the collars belonging to the respective pastures on the map.

By pressing on one of the Nofence pastures on the status page map, you will find information about the pasture; the name, the number of collars in the pasture, and number of audio warnings and electric pulses given.

Press on this info to know the size of the pasture or editing the name. You can also make changes to the Nofence boundary, delete the entire pasture etc.

Find info about the collars in the same way – open more elaborate info about the collars by pressing the info.

We recommend that you start off by creating a Nofence pasture. Find ‘Pastures’ in the meny at the bottom of the screen, and press the plus sign at the top right. Put your finger on the screen where you want to place your first Nofence post. As you can see, the pasture is shown as a polygon while you are creating it.

If you want to create an exclusion zone inside the pasture, press the exclusion zone icon down in the left corner, and enter the shape you want. Then double save (yes, we know it sounds somewhat illogical), save the exclusion zone (top right)…

… and then the new pasture (top right again). Then give the pasture a suitable name.

Let’s move on to the collars! Select ‘Collars’ from the bottom menu. You’ll find a list of all your collars. When you first open the app, the collars are found under ‘Without pasture set’. Select one collar at a time, and assign it to an animal by entering the name of the animal/animal ID.

When the collars are assigned to animals, go to the collar list, press ‘Select pasture’ and then choose all the collars that are going to be in the same Nofence pasture.

Choose ‘Select pasture’ (top right). Then select the pasture you want the collars to download.

The app provides information about downloading a pasture. When the collar has downloaded the Nofence pasture, you will receive a message that it’s safe to move the collars to the new pasture.

It’s now time to fit the collars to your animals and move them to their Nofence pasture! When the collars detects that they are inside the Nofence pasture, the operating mode it is automatically activated.

Pay attention to the question mark. It appears several places in the app, and if you press on it, you’ll find good and relevant info based on where you are in the app. The circle to the right shows a central area in the app that you should be aware of. This is where you save pastures, make exclusion zones, add new pastures etc.

And let’s not forget the last menu option – here you’ll find the search function for shelter beacons as well as loads of great info in the ‘Help and info’ section. This is also where you log out of the app.


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