Line Charts in Ninox are used to demonstrate a progression of values (as defined in the Y-Axis) over the passage of time (as defined in the X-Axis). The Line Chart in Ninox is best displayed using the Columns (fields) option for the Data Series. If the Rows option is selected, each point on the line is displayed only as a single point on the Y-Axis.

A sample of a line chart is displayed in the image below.

One of the options available in Ninox to users viewing a Line chart is to Smooth the transition point at the intersection of each point on the X-Axis. The information displayed above is presented in the image below with the Smooth Lines option turned on.

Like the Stacked Bar Chart, Line Charts can display multiple fields on the same grid. An example of a line chart displaying multiple, summarized field values is presented below with the Smooth Lines option turned on.

As depicted in the image above, a Line Chart displaying multiple values on the same grid allows users to compare each periodic (monthly as shown above) value compared not only to the values of other periods, but also to the values of other fields at the same or different periods. This can be a very valuable analysis to the extent the value of one field is impacted by the value or values in another field or fields.

When multiple fields are displayed as lines on the same grid, each line starts at a base point of zero where the X-Axis and Y-Axis intersect at the bottom left-hand corner of the chart. However, when the segments (lines) are stacked, each line starts at the Y-Axis (value) at the point represented by the value of that field and the field(s) below. In the example above, the green line represents “Total Service Sales’, while the blue line represents “Total Other Sales”. For January, each of these fields has a value of approximately $21.500 and $20,400 respectively. The sum total of these two fields is $21,500 + $20,400 = 41,900 (or nearly $42,000). The image below shows the same content as the image above, but with each field stacked on the filed below. Note that the green line (Total Service Sales), for January, hits the Y-Axis at the value point of approximately $42,000 as that is the additive (or stacked) total of the Blue Line in January and the Green Line in January.

As in the stacked (multi-variable) Chart, segments (fields or elements) may be displayed or hidden from view by toggling the element in the Legend.

Hovering the mouse over any single element in the chart will result in the numeric value represented by that segment, along with the name of the segment appear in an on-screen help window.

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