Format Masks are used to effect the manner in which Number field content is displayed and presented in Ninox. The Number field Formatting window is presented in the image below.

It is important to note that applying a number format mask DOES NOT change the numeric value, characteristics or treatment of the content of a masked field. Therefore, a value of fifty (50) that has been entered into a Number field formatted using the “23 “ mask, will present as 50. However, the value of this content, for purposes of inclusion and reference in numeric and statistical calculations is still 50. If one were to multiple 500 by the value of this masked field, the result would be 25,000 and not 250 (50 percent – or half – of 500).

Similarly, the four currently mask options available in Ninox Dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound do not convert the numeric value entered into the field to a currency value. If one were to enter the value 475 into a field masked to present U.S. dollars. The content of the field would be presented as $450. If one were to then change the mask to Euro, Pound or Yen, the value would still be 450 simply with a different currency indicator. There is no foreign currency translation engine built into Ninox. Users can, however, effect foreign currency translation and calculation by writing code using the Ninox Forumula Editor and the Ninox Programming Language.

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Last modified: 2019/03/12


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