A One-to-Many (or Many-to-One) relationship between two tables refers to a link between a single record in the relating table linked to multiple records in the related table. The most common forms of the One-to-Many relationship are the Parent/Child relationship and the Master Data Record:“Transactional Record”:https://www.manula.com/manuals/ninoxus/ninoxus/1.0/ja/topic/transactional-data-tables relationship. Examples of Many-to-One relationships include:

  1. The relationship of a single invoice to many line-items within the invoice
  2. The relationship of a single corporation to many employees who work at that corporation
  3. The relationship of a single weekly employee timecard to the many days reported on the timecard

A variety of One-to-Many relationships are represented in the images below.

For additional information regarding the construction of One-to-Many (Parent/Child) relationships, please refer to the How to Build Parent/Child Table Links section of this users manual.

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