Date and Appointment field types have the option to present the records with which they are associated in the Ninox calendar. Users can control the content and appearance of these calendar entries using the Date and Appointment calendar options that appear in the parameters screens for each of these field types. These calendar options are displayed in the image below.

SHOW IN CALENDAR – By default, Date and Appointment fields cause the records with which they are associated to have their content displayed in the Ninox calendar. If you wish for this content to not be displayed, set the Show In Calendar field to “No”.

WITH COLOR – When date-sensitive content is displayed on the calendar, you have the option to define a background color to highlight specific types of records. For example, scheduled cash receipts may be represented in green while scheduled cash disbursements may be represented in red.

SHOW AS – When date-sensitive content is displayed on the calendar, this Show-As option is used to define which fields within the associated record are to be included in the calendar entry. The Show As field opens the Ninox formula editor where you may use field selection, parsing and/or concatenation to define how this entry appears.

ANNIVERSARY – If Anniversary is set to “Yes”, Ninox will repeat the calendar entry on the same day of the same month every year.

A data record with a date field, and the calendar settings are displayed below. In the third image you see the resultant calendar entry on the Ninox calendar.

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Last modified: 2019/03/11


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