Applying a Filter to a view narrows down the records that will be included in the view by allowing only those records that meet the qualifications of the filter. Any field included in the view can serve as a filter, but each view may only be filtered according to one field at a time. Also, to serve as a filter in a view, a field must be included as a Visible Column in the view. The Filter field is highlighted in the Visible Columns option screen displayed below.

For Text Fields and Number Fields, the filter is a formula that establishes the content parameter requirements for contents in the field that must be met in order for that entire record to be included in the view. For Choice, Yes/No and Multiple Choice fields, the filter parameter is one or, in the case of Multiple Choice fields, many options from the defined choices. This latter filter format is illustrated in the image below.

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Last modified: 2019/03/27


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