As records are entered into tables in a Ninox database application, users have the option to attach external files to a record, or records, in the table. This option is exercised by clicking on the document attachment icon that appears in the tab bar in the form view of each table. This icon and its position in the tab bar is highlighted in the image below.

When a user clicks on the icon highlighted above, the document management tab appears. An example of this tab is presented in the image below.

If there are no attachments connected to the current record, the [Add File] button will appear in the top, left-hand corner of the window. As files are added as attachments, each file will be represented as a box with a thumbnail view of the attachment displayed (if possible) and the name of the file displayed on top of a gray bar at the bottom of the box. If any files have been attached, the [Add File] button will appear to the right of the last filed added.

Clicking on the [Add File] button will open a file selection window. Once a file has been selected in this window and the [OK] button has been clicked, Ninox will begin uploading the file and the progress thermometer (displayed in image below) will be presented.

Note that attaching files significantly increases the size of the footprint of the database application within the device where it is being hosted.

If you want to ensure that file attachments are not appended to table records, the document management tab will be hidden and the File Attachment feature enabled for that table. An example of the table management window, and the File Attachment option disabled is presented in the image below.

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Last modified: 2019/03/27


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