The contains() function is used to determine whether or not a text string contains a series of defined characters. If Ninox successfully locates the series of defined characters in the text string, this function will return a “Yes” result. If the “series of defined characters” is not found, this function will return a “No” result.


  • contains(“text string”,“string to match”)


  • contains is the function keyword. This must be entered into the Ninox function editor in all lower-case characters
    “text string” is the string of characters to be searched.
  • “string to match” is the series of characters that Ninox will search for within the “text string”
  • Keep in mind that Ninox will check for an exact match of “string to match” within “text string”. As such, punctuation, spacing and capitalization, or lack thereof, will impact the returned result


  • contains(“Ninox Database Solution”,“Ninox”) = “Yes”
  • contains(“Ninox Database Solution”,“NINOX”) = “No”
  • contains(“Ninox Database Solution”,“nox Data”) = “Yes”
  • contains(“Ninox Database Solution”,“nox data”) = “No”
  • contains(“Invoice Total: $4500”,“4500”) = “Yes”


Consider a single text field used to store all segments of a mailing address. In this instance, the State component of the address will be embedded inside of a larger text string. In an effort to determine if a specific address is located in a specific state, you can use the contains() function to interrogate the entirety of the text string to see if it contains a specific series of characters as follows:

Question: Is the following address in the State of Ohio? 411 Woody Hayes Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43210?

  • Answer: contains(“411 Woody Hayes Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43210”,“Ohio) = “Yes”
  • Answer: contains(“411 Woody Hayes Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43210”,“OH) = “No”
  • Answer: contains(upper(“411 Woody Hayes Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43210”),“OH”) = “Yes”


  • upper()
  • lower()
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