Using the ShopFloor operator display

The ShopFloor execution screen presents per chosen resource 3 sections with production order operations:

  • Orders processing (Running)
  • Orders queing (Waiting)
  • Future orders (Arriving)

This is an excellent way to get an overview on what is going on a machine, a group of machines, a person or other resources.

When using the dispolay you only need to deal with a few actions:

Choose a resource for execution

Select this:

What am I supposed to work on next?

Click on the top line in the Orders queing section for a new order, or select an active order which have being paused or other..

*When clicking on a line, some of the function buttons to the right becomes dark blue.This means we want to tell you something about the execution.

  • Show my jobs. You can click here and see what you are working on.
  • Start a job
  • End a job (Output)
  • BOM is displaying the production order bill of material, print a picking list and perform shortage check
  • Route is displaying the routing and print routing sheet and jobcards
  • Drawing is displaying various drawing and other documents
  • Process note is displaying the detailed process note for the job
  • Order note is for displaying general info attached to the order
  • Post material is for issuing raw materials and components for the production order
  • Pallet label is a stand alone function for printing pallet labels
  • Clock in is used for time & attendance
  • Clock out is used for time & attendance
  • Quality is used for quality reporting
  • The last box is for displaying system info to the opoerator – white= info, yello = wearning, red = error.

You must click on each of them to see various pieces of information

The display has the following intuitive features when using it:

Status indicator:

Green status means the job is running (being worked on). White status means the job is paused, but still active.
The run number is number which is used together with bundled production to keep all lines together under one single run number.

  • All fields includes “Mouse over” full text capability:

  • All colums can be sorted in ascending or descending order: Notice the small arrow in “Operation number”

  • The 3 sections can be expanded/collapsed as wanted:

  • A search bar or filter function is available for each section searching for a specific order or a general data filter function can be applied to the full screen:

  • Clicking on a flag changes the language on the screen and moving the function buttons – right, top or bottom as wanted:

  • A “Show all” button expands or collapses bundled orders:

  • Button for showing active jobs only:

  • Button for showing total hours of work left within a chosen ending week.

Choose a default user to avoid selecting the same operator/machine over and over:

Message button – info are in white, warnings are in yellow, and errors are in red:


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