How it works – Overview

The ItemPlanning – Sales order function has been made with the purpose of an easy way to validate
if there are any shortage problems on individual sales orders.

How it works:

You will be shown a list of open sales orders and can select an individual order to analyze.

If there are any shortages on the items in the sales order, they are shown in red in the columns
Required date Free Stock and All Dates Total Stock.
Required date Free Stock is calculated based on the Shipment Date of the order line.
All Dates Total Stock is calculated taking into account all planned transactions registered on the system for this Item.
You are also shown quantity from the order and actual stock of the items.
If you have a shortage you will be notified a possible available date either from existing incoming orders or based on Lead time for the item.
By using the menu options, you can open the full sales order, you can create new incoming orders by marking the desired lines in the Select column, and from the Line menu you can access the ItemPlanning – Item function for investigating the items availability situation in more detail.


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