Discover what files are in a given FileShare or SharePoint Document Library and create a representation of the contents in the DiscoveryJob folder.
Each file is an empty file pointer to or representation for the real file. we call it a FileProxy. It has has the Content-Type FileProxy. Each folder is likewise a pointer to the real folder, we call it a FolderProxy. It has has the Content-Type FolderProxy.

The job runs incrementally and each source file is only created once in the Model document library by the DiscoveryJob. So if the same FileProxy exists in a different folder, for example in a MigrationJob the the file is skipped.


SharePoint source
  • File proxies are created WITHOUT the source file version history. When the file i migrated you can choose to include the version history.
  • Metadata is mapped from the the source library into the model library using
    the column [ModelMetadataMapping]
    AutoMapAllColumns (the default) automatically maps source library columns to the MigratonModel columns based on the column display name.
    You can override or extend by adding AutoMapAllColumns with column assignments like:
    [Content Type]=Invoice [MyTargetCol]=[MySourceCol] [MyTargetCol]=xyz
    You can force individual columns NOT to be assigned by using this syntax: [MyTargetCol]=Skip!
    You can specify a default value to handle empty source columns using this syntax: [MyTargetCol]=[MySourceCol];#MyDefaultValue
    ManagedMetadata, Lookup and ContentType is resolved by label.
    Each assignment must be on a separate line.

Duplicates detection only on FileShare source. Notice it will take some time to calculate the checksum.

Last modified: 4 October 2023