1. Front windshields should be clear of any obstructions. Please remove any papers, tissue boxes, and clothing from this area.
  2. Buses will be considered “Out of service” if crossing arm and/or stop arm are not working.
  3. There are assigned parking spots for all vehicles.
  4. IMPORTANT: “Glow Plugs” need to be used in diesel buses every time you start the vehicle. Please ensure that they are used properly to prevent damage to the engine. When you turn the key, before starting the vehicle, leave the key in the “on” position until the “wait to start” light or other glow plug indicator light has gone out. Then start the vehicle. This rule shall apply no matter the season or temperature outside nor whether the vehicle was recently running. Failure to follow these directions can result in damage.
  5. Never idle for more than three minutes. NJAC 7:27-14.15
  6. Each driver is to sweep their assigned vehicle, empty the trash daily and, by code, must put seat belts up so that they are accessible to all riders. If you are assigned a spare bus, you MUST also sweep, empty the trash and put up seatbelts.
  7. Lights and windows shall receive extra cleaning when road conditions so dictate.
  8. Layover time must be in the transportation yard unless another spot has been approved by the transportation office. If another location is approved, the driver shall remind dispatch to add this to the notes section of their route cover page.
  9. Use of any school vehicle for personal use is prohibited.
  10. Drivers need to return the key and gas fob to the key panel in the transportation office upon return to the bus garage /transportation office.
Last modified: 2019/08/26