If your vehicle is equipped with chains they are to be engaged before reaching slippery conditions. Vehicles using chains must not exceed 35 MPH. If you have any difficulty using these chains please contact the transportation office.

Automatic Snow Chains Operational Instructions:

  1. Check that your Onspots are working properly before your trip (to be done with your pretrip inspection from the months of November through April).
  2. Chains MUST BE engaged and disengaged while the vehicle is moving.
    1. chains MUST BE engaged when traveling between 2mph and 25 mph.
    2. chains MUST BE disengaged when traveling between 2 mph and 35 mph.
  3. Vehicle* MUST NOT* exceed 35 mph with the chains engaged.
  4. Vehicle can stop on the chains and then start moving again, as long as the switch is still in the engaged position.
  5. Engage chains before reaching slippery conditions. Onspot will assist traction in forward, reverse, and in braking conditions.
    1. avoid locking the wheels.
  6. If you have not engaged your onspots before stopping on a slippery road:
    1. spin tires up to 5mph
    2. engage onspots,
    3. when you feel chains bite, stop spinning the wheels and drive on slowly.

Bus Grill covers are available for each bus. When the weather turns cold the mechanics can assist you with their installation. As the weather begins to warm up please remove it to prevent overheating.

Last modified: 2020/02/03