1. Always be courteous to your students.
  2. Always control your temper.
  3. Act the part of a person in a responsible position, conscious of your job.
  4. Be firm, but kind.
  5. Report any continuing behavior problems to the transportation office by way of a Student Conduct Report.
  6. If problems escalate, call into the transportation office to request an Administrator meet your bus upon arrival to the school.
  7. Remember to use good judgment when talking to students.
  8. Remember that things said are often exaggerated.


  1. Do not be too familiar with the students.
  2. Do not be too lenient at first.
  3. Do not make wisecracks.
  4. Do not threaten.
  5. Do not shout.
  6. Do not argue.
  7. Do not use physical force.
  8. Observe the policy of hands off.
  9. Do not discipline students while the bus is in motion.
  10. Avoid general statements to the whole busload of students when restoring order.
  11. Do not use profane or indecent language or tolerate any from them.
Last modified: 2019/08/26