The Morris Hills Regional District utilizes the Tyler Drive System to provide turn by turn directions to each bus stop and manage student ridership as required by NJ State regulations. Directions and students assigned to your route are displayed on a tablet mounted on your bus dashboard. Students swipe their ID badge as they enter and exit the bus allowing for rosters and accountability.

  1. Tablets must be used during any and all times that students are transported. This includes all school runs, athletic/field trips, late runs, and express transports.
  2. Tablets are to be kept in vehicles unless it is necessary to be removed for repair.
  3. All condition reports (DVIR) must be done on the tablet. In the event, the tablet is not working a hard copy MUST be filled out.
  4. Any time a student enters or exits your bus, he/she is to swipe their ID Badge.
  5. Any student that does not have a card should be directed to their respective general office to inquire about a replacement card.
  6. Any student who fails to swipe please report their name via the District Transportation Center (DTC).
  7. For any operational questions regarding the tablet, please refer to the powerpoint tutorial Tablet PowerPoint Tutorial
  8. Any issues or malfunctions with the tablets should be reported by via the DTC on the MHRD homepage under the Staff Links tab. Information on trouble ticket should include route name, explanation and time of the malfunction,
  9. Under no circumstances should the radio be used to report tablet issues.
  10. Morning and afternoon runs will appear on your tablet by entering your individual pin number. All other non-contracted routes (athletic/field trips, express transports, and late runs) must be added. Please refer to the following link for route name selection. ** add link**
Last modified: 2019/08/16