The driver shall close all doors before the bus is put in motion. Doors shall remain closed until the bus has completely stopped to take on or discharge passengers. The driver shall not ride with the door open at any time, even if the bus is empty. The driver shall at all times, comply with all Motor Vehicle Traffic regulations, speed limits, stop signs, etc. and maintain a safe following distance considering the weather, traffic sun glare, etc. Driver shall not use the left lane of travel on any highway. Aisles on the bus should be kept clear while the bus is in motion.

Refueling of the bus while passengers are onboard is NOT permitted. During the refueling process the bus engine must be turned off. Fire zones are clearly designated at both schools. Parking in these prohibited areas may cause you to receive a summons by the applicable Police Department. Buses parked in front of either school are not permitted to be left unattended. If you must leave the bus unattended, the bus must be locked.

School vehicles must come to a complete stop at all railroad crossings, except for crossings identified as “EXEMPT”. School bus drivers shall exercise utmost care before proceeding as required by NJSA 39: 4-128. The speed on school property is 10 m.p.h.

When entering or exiting from the transportation office area use extreme caution when traveling along the Academy Building.
STOP SIGNS at Morris Hills – There are STOP SIGNS posted on

  • BOTH sides of the fence: 1 as you enter school property from West Longview Rd. and the other as exit school property onto West Longview Rd. All vehicles are to come to a complete stop at these locations. Do not disregard the Stop signs.
  • There were 2 posted STOP Signs located on each end of the Academy building due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic.
    There are to be NO buses/vans left parked in the driveway along the Academy Building, in front of the bus garage bays or fuel pump area. When you need to move a bus/van in order to get your vehicle out of the garage you must park that bus/van back in its assigned garage. If you are moving a vehicle for a trip when school is not in session, you must also return the vehicle to its assigned garage and close the door. Drivers are NOT to leave any vehicles parked in these areas. The only time vehicles are to be left at the fuel pumps is during fueling.

At the end of all school runs seat belts must be put up on the seat so that all seatbelts are accessible to all riders and preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard.

Last modified: 2019/08/07