1. Speed limits are to be observed at all times. On school property, the speed limit is 10 MPH.
  2. While loading and unloading students at school the engine should be turned off.
  3. No backing of the bus without a spotter. If help is needed, please notify Dispatch.
  4. Drivers shall not travel in the left lane of any highway—with or without students unless a safety concern dictates otherwise. The left lane should be used only for the avoidance of the obstruction in the normal travel lane. (Driver is to maintain right at all costs).
  5. Drivers shall not pass other vehicles on school grounds.
  6. If a driver finds him/herself in a position where safety becomes ambivalent, they must pull over in a safe location and contact the Transportation Office for guidance.
  7. District practice dictates you are not permitted to turn right on red.
  8. Intersection Management – All MHRD bus drivers must remain motionless for a period no less than two (2) seconds at any and all intersection governed by a traffic sign.
Last modified: May 07, 2020