Responsibilities of School Bus Drivers

  1. The driver shall wear the seatbelt at all times while the bus is in motion.
  2. The driver is to ensure that all students are properly seated and have their seatbelts fastened.
  3. The driver shall not leave the bus without first stopping the motor, placing the bus in park or neutral, setting the parking brake and removing the key from the ignition. If bus is on an incline, turn the front wheels into the curb.
  4. The driver shall be in charge of his/her vehicle at all times and shall be responsible for good order.
  5. The bus driver shall be the sole operator of the entrance door and the two-way radio.
  6. The driver shall never discharge an unmanageable student from the bus during any trip to or from school. If unable to handle a student, the driver shall report the unmanageable student to the Principal of the school the student attends through the transportation office by way of a “Student Conduct Report”.
  7. The driver shall clean the interior of the bus each day.
  8. The driver shall put all seat belts up at the completion of each run so that they are accessible to riders.
  9. All drivers are protected by liability insurance as designated by the Board of Education.
  10. District vehicles must not be used for personal errands.
  11. Drivers must remain on school grounds throughout the duration of their contracted time.
  12. Drivers are responsible for a Pre/Post Trip to check for sleeping students and items left behind.

If, in the judgment of the Board of Education, any driver of a school vehicle used to transport pupils, shall be deemed to be an unsuitable person to drive a school vehicle due to lack of driving skills, inability to control pupils, being under the influence of, or partaking of alcoholic or habit-forming drugs during the school day; failure to comply with rules, incapacity, unbecoming conduct, or other good cause, the Board of Education may remove the driver.

Attend Annual Driver & Bus Aide Meeting, Freshman Orientation and all Mandatory Professional Development sessions, which usually take place the last week of August and one day in October. If you have not been notified of these dates, contact the Transportation Office before making any personal plans during these dates/times.

End of Year Responsibilities
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Last Day of School Driver Responsibilities

Last modified: 2020/02/03