1. Remove the ignition key at all times when you leave the bus and lock the door. Never leave the bus with the engine running. Upon parking all school vehicles the keys are to be brought in and hung on the respective hook on the key panel. Keys are not to be taken home. All radios, lights and switches are to be turned off. Close the garage door.
  2. PL 2001, c.226 states that there is to be NO SMOKING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. This also includes garage bays and buses/vans while parked in garages. There is to be NO SMOKING on any school vehicle with or without students present.
  3. Keep your bus clean. Pick up debris and sweep floor.
  4. DO NOT pick up students prior to the established 1st pick up time.
  5. All school vehicles MUST BE checked after each run for students, student belongings and any damage. If you find anything that looks suspicious report it to the transportation office immediately.
  6. Report all accidents immediately to the transportation office.
  7. Practice courtesy. If a long line of cars are following you, pull off to the side of the road if possible and let them pass. Signal your intentions far in advance, but DO NOT DIRECT TRAFFIC.
  8. Never coast in neutral.
  9. Use the proper driving signals well in advance when stopping, slowing down or making turns.Remember that signals operating on another vehicle do not necessarily indicate the exact intentions of the other driver.
  10. Retain full control of the front door and its operation. Never give this duty to a student.
  11. Never ride with your front door open.
  12. Permit no one except yourself to occupy the driver’s seat.
  13. Permit no one except yourself to operate the two-way radio unless it is necessary in the case of an emergency.
  14. Permit no loading or unloading through the emergency door. The door is only used for an actual emergency or drill.
  15. Permit nothing to obstruct the aisles of your bus. There should always be a clean exit path to the rear door.
  16. Never allow students to board the bus if you are not present.
  17. Warning lights should only be used to warn motorists that pupils are about to be picked up or discharged. These lights are not permitted to be used for any other purpose.
  18. Always drive with your seatbelt on. It is the LAW and you will be written up should you disregard this. If you are not wearing your seatbelt you could be thrown out of your seat and into the stairwell of the vehicle injuring yourself and putting the vehicle and passengers in serious trouble.
  19. No backing of the bus without a spotter. If help is needed, please notify Dispatch.
  20. Never transport merchandise or other loads when transporting pupils, except the property of the passengers.
  21. Never use any district vehicle for your own personal use.
  22. DO NOT misuse the radios. The radios are for transportation business only NOT personal conversation between drivers. Remember there are base stations installed in both schools for direct communication with the buses. All personal conversations are prohibited.
  23. Remember to turn on your headlights whenever you are using your windshield wipers.
  24. All drivers are issued Morris Hills Identification Badges. Drivers must have the badges on their person at all times. Badges are not to be left in your personal vehicle or in the bus. Do not attach the ID badge to the bus keyring.
  25. When returning the bus/van keys to the key panel make sure to put them on the proper hook. Keys are not to be taken home. Drivers are not permitted to make or possess a duplicate key for their bus/van.
Last modified: May 05, 2020