The radios provided in each bus are to be used for ALL transportation communication to the transportation office and Mechanics garage. Drivers are to limit their conversations to important matters only. NO idle chatter is allowed. You are reminded that these airwaves are federally controlled and monitored by the public. You are to use the phone only when directed to do so. The office phone is dealing with a heavy volume of calls from staff, parents and other schools; your communication is important—use the radio. Your bus number is your personal identification. The office is identified as “Morris Hills Base.”

Some examples of acceptable radio transmissions are:

  • Reporting a mechanical issue or breakdown.
  • Reporting a motor vehicle accident
  • Reporting road blockages or other unsafe situations.
  • Reporting an uncontrollable student situation, for example, a fight.
  • Reporting a situation that will make you late to your next stop or school.

Some examples of unacceptable radio transmissions are:

  • Personal conversations between drivers
  • General weather conditions
  • Non-threatening animal sightings
  • Comments toward other bus drivers or car drivers.

Last modified: May 07, 2020