Any employee injured on the job no matter how minor will report such injury to their immediate supervisor and to the work location’s school nurse. If the school nurse is not available, you must report to the Nurse as soon as the nurse is on duty. In case of a true medical emergency, immediately call 911.

An accident report (forms are available in the Nurse’s Office) must be completed with the nurse or immediate supervisor at the time of the accident or as soon thereafter as physically possible.

After Hours Procedure

  1. Call your immediate supervisor to report your injury.
  2. Call QualLynx, Inc. for direction on where to go for treatment. 1-800-425-3222.
  3. Report your injury to the nurse at your work location the very next day who will complete an incident report and follow up with Qual Lynx.
  4. Immediate Supervisor is to report the injury to the work location Business Administrator and the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds or the Supervisor of Pupil Services within 48 hours.

For a more step by step directions and contacts, please see the link below.
Procedure for Work Related Injuries

Last modified: 2019/08/26