In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Stop the bus as far to the right of the road as possible or on the shoulder of the road. If it is safe to do so, pull into an empty parking area or place with enough room so that when it is time you can safety transfer students to another bus. Also, picking the right spot is appreciated in the event the vehicle has to be towed.
  2. Keep the students in the bus. If the bus location is unsafe, remove the students to a safer location.
  3. Promptly activate the hazard warning lights and place the reflective triangle warning devices on the highway at locations as instructed.
  4. Contact the transportation office via radio or phone [973 664-2354] during school hours or the Dispatchers after hours and provide the location of bus, description of breakdown and as to whether a replacement bus is needed to transport students to their destination. The Dispatchers will inform the Transportation Coordinator. Upon returning to the transportation office complete the Vehicle Service Request Form.
  5. If a driver is experiencing a mechanical breakdown on a major highway, the driver is to assess as to how perilous the situation is (possibility of fire, being struck by any other moving vehicles, etc.). Once this is determined driver should gather the following information before contacting 911 requesting police assistance:
    1. Who you are (Driver Name, the entity you work for, vehicle number);
    2. Exact location;
    3. Number of passengers on board (students, coaches and/or chaperones);
    4. Depiction of the incident (flat tire, overheating, etc.);
    5. Protect the scene until police arrival;
    6. If an evacuation is needed, let the 911 dispatcher know and if possible, wait for the police arrival.
      If not, identify a safe location away from any possible danger, to evacuate all passengers;
    7. Then contact MHRD dispatcher on duty and relay all pertinent information and steps taken, then await for instructions.

Last modified: 2019/08/06