You must always maintain good order on your bus. Remember that you are always teaching. The example you set with your attitude, understanding and driving skills becomes part of each student’s education. Keep in mind the following simple rules:

  1. Some factors to consider when observing the conduct of students are:
    • All students like to be treated with respect and courtesy
    • Students want adults to recognize their good traits and abilities
    • Most students dread being singled out for discipline
    • A few students will make problems for themselves in order to gain attention and recognition.
    • Students who are willing to comply with regulations may become problems if the person in control is too lax and indifferent towards gross violations of a few; or if the person in control appears unreasonable in his/her demands; or if he/she vacillates from extreme permissiveness one moment to extreme control the next.
    • Stop the bus if the behavior problem is a serious one. If it is a minor infraction, a word of warning or a remark directed to the offender may be enough. If the infraction is more serious in nature, stop the bus. The fact that you have taken this action sometimes can bring matters under control.
    • Stand up [after you have secured the vehicle] and speak to the offenders in a courteous manner but in a firm voice. Do not show anger, but all pupils must realize you are serious.
    • If a change in seating is needed, ask the pupil to move to a seat near the driver. You have no legal right to put a pupil off the bus except at his/her regular stop or to deny him/her to be picked up in the morning. You have no legal right to touch a pupil at any time. However, if an emergency develops in which you feel drastic action is needed such as a fistfight, collapse of a student due to illness, fire or such, inform the transportation office via the radio. In order to have support from the school administration, Student Conduct Reports must be filled out and turned in. No help can be forthcoming if the incidents are not reported.
    • A driver may contact the transportation office via radio to request an Administrator meet their vehicle at the school in the morning. When needing assistance in the afternoon the driver should contact the transportation office via radio stating the disturbance and they will be advised on how to handle the situation.
Last modified: 2019/08/07