All drivers must have a physical examination prior to the expiration date of the physical and indicated on the medical exam certificate that is carried in your wallet. Drivers are permitted either to utilize their own physician {if CDL FMCSA Registered Physician} at their own expense or the current District approved examination center which will be paid by the district. The driver is to obtain all medical forms from the transportation office, prior to going to the facility.

Upon completion of the physical and receiving a clean bill of health, the driver will be issued the completed physical examination certificate and the Medical Examiners Certificate (card) for the driver to hand carry back to the transportation office immediately.

Motor Vehicle Services Agency


New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
225 East State Street
CDL Unit
PO Box 685
Trenton, NJ 08666-0217

IMPORTANT: Failure to mail Self Holder Certification may result in Motor Vehicle Services Agency revoking your passenger endorsement.

It is the driver’s’ responsibility to mail the original copy of the medical examination certificate and Self Holder Certification to Motor Vehicle Services at the time of renewing physical.

Last modified: May 07, 2020