We are experiencing a higher rate of traffic incidents at the intersection of Swede Mine Rd. and West Main Street in Rockaway Borough due to insufficient distance from this intersection to the traffic light located at West Main Street and Route 46 to safely execute a right-hand turn and accomplish a safe left lane merge to complete a left-hand turn onto Route 46 East. As a result of this traffic dilemma, we are opting to ban the use of Swede Mine Road to access Route 46 East.

We know with certitude how dangerous this particular maneuver is.


“In order to keep our drivers and pupils safer, all MHRD school vehicles exiting Morris Hills High School attempting to reach Route 46 Eastbound, must exit school grounds via W. Longview Rd. to Mountain Rd. to Farview Drive to finally gain access to Main Street.

Exceptions to this stipulation –

Unless you are turning right onto Swede Mine Road heading westbound on Route 46 and/or continuing southbound on Rockaway Road period”. >> Any driver disregarding this directive will be disciplined <<.

Last modified: May 07, 2020