Byram Bus, Rockaway Township and Educational Services Commission of Morris County will assist with any athletic/field trip busing during the departure hours of 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm when school is in session and/or any other instance where drivers are not available. Trips that are run by district drivers are reminded of the following:

  1. Drivers shall arrive at least ten minutes early prior to departure times.
  2. You must use the bus assigned to you on your field trip ticket unless you contact the Transportation Dispatcher. In case of a breakdown, contact one of the Transportation Dispatchers and provide the location of the bus and details of the breakdown. If they cannot be reached, contact the Transportation Coordinator.
  3. If on the day of your athletic/field trip, you find that you cannot fulfill the assignment, you are not permitted to contact another driver of your choice. You must first make an effort to contact the Transportation Dispatchers. Swapping of trips is prohibited.
  4. While on an athletic/field trip with other buses, going to the same destination, all vehicles are to stay together and are to use the same route.
  5. The care and responsibility for buses and vans while away from the bus garage is that of the driver. While parked at athletic and activity events, the vehicles must be watched. Failure to fulfill this obligation may result in damage to the vehicles and items stolen from it. The suspension of assigning athletic/field trips to the offender may be necessary.
  6. Drivers are not to make any unauthorized stops including requests to stop for food, while transporting students to and from athletic events or field trips unless stated on the trip request. However if the need for such request arises while on the trip an approval by the schools principal is imperative.
  7. Communicate location and pickup time at destination with the lead teacher and exchange cell phone numbers so you may remain in contact.
  8. If you are assigned a Spectator or Spirit bus, you may not accept money from anyone to ride the bus. Students are required to sign up.

Last modified: 2019/08/23