As part of the job description to be a bus driver in the district the driver needs to be able to successfully complete the essential job functions as listed below:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED
  3. Possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License with an Air Brake, Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsement
  4. Have at least 20/40 corrected or uncorrected visual acuity in each eye.
  5. Demonstrate sufficient strength, agility, hearing and visual acuity to exercise safe control over the school bus and passengers at all times. This agility is demonstrated as follows:
    1. Climb and descend the front steps of a passenger bus without pausing.
    2. Open and close a manually operated large bus front door without difficulty while seated in the driver’s seat.
    3. Activate the brake pedal with the right foot within ¾ of a second after removing it from the throttle pedal.
    4. Starting seated in the driver’s seat, move to the back of the bus and open the emergency back door within 20 seconds.
    5. Operate the driving controls using both arms simultaneously and quickly. For example, activate the master control switches or shift gears while keeping the other hand on the steering wheel of a large bus while traveling 25 MPH.
    6. Turn the bus a 90 degree left turn and a 90 degree right turn.
    7. Drive the bus in a straight line over an irregular surface.
    8. Back large bus out of a garage bay using the mirrors of the bus.
    9. Perform a pre-trip bus inspection.
    10. Sweep the bus with a broom daily
    11. Manage to sit for extended periods of time.
  6. Having hearing that is not impaired to the extent that it would interfere with the safe operation of the bus.
  7. Have no medical history or clinical diagnosis of any condition that could be detrimental to the safe operation of the bus.
  8. Have an acceptable driving record with no convictions that would disqualify the driver from having a CDL.
  9. Must be acceptable to the current district insurance carrier.
  10. And other additional qualifications that the district may consider essential in the future.

Last modified: 2019/09/20