School buses are seen by hundreds of people each day. The way you drive, the way you dress, and the way you interact with others may be all some people know about the school district—to them, you are the school district.

  1. Drivers are responsible to keep their Commercial Driver’s License up to date.
  2. Check with the transportation office when you have questions.
  3. Be neat, clean and reflect an appearance of modesty. Your appearance should reflect the fact that you are an employee of the school district.
  4. All support staff members may wear dresses, skirts/shorts of an appropriate length with blouses, sweaters or shirts. Blouses/shirts must have sleeves and outfits should be *neither * low cut nor too tight.
  5. Shoes should reflect your job task. Only closed heel and closed-toe shoes are appropriate. No sandals or flip flops.
  6. The driver shall wear the seatbelt at all times while the bus is in motion.
  7. The driver is to ensure that all students are properly seated and have their seatbelts fastened.
  8. Unless conducting school transportation business drivers are not to be in the maintenance garage. Ask permission from the mechanics before entering.
  9. All drivers are expected to check their mailboxes both in the morning and the afternoon.
  10. Drivers should arrive for their routes before their leave time to provide time for their pre-trip inspections and warm-up of the vehicle
  11. Drivers must wear District issued ID cards at all times.
  12. Driver’s hours of service: If you work for another employer remember it is advised that you have 8 consecutive hours of off duty before you can drive the next day.
  13. Portable electronic devices (i.e., cell phones, smartwatches, radios, etc.) even those with hands-free (Bluetooth/wireless) devices shall not be used while loading and unloading students or while driving. These devices cannot emit any sound or other signals to indicate the device is active. Drivers cannot wear any type of headphones or earbuds.
  14. No district vehicle is to be used for personal errands.
  15. Drivers must remain on school grounds throughout the duration of their contracted time.
  16. Drivers are responsible to fill out a Vehicle Condition Report on a daily basis as part of your Pre Trip which is now to be done through the tablet (In the event that the table is malfunctioning a hard copy of the Vehicle Condition Report must be filled out.
  17. Drivers must check for sleeping students or items left behind as part of Post Trip and/or Completion of a route segment.
  18. Drivers must complete mandatory scheduled SafeSchool Training annually (see schedule attached).
  19. Enforce the use of our student tracking system also known as Tablets at all times including but not limited to any to/from school or any additional student transportation.
  20. Manage to sit for extended periods of time.
  21. Parking in the following areas are off-limits permanently: No one is to park from the corner of the academy building by the entrance to the bucket back to the driveway in between the academy building and the transportation office leading up to Gifford Field, around the fuel pumps and alongside the guardrail in front of the bus garage bays at any time when school is not in session (after school hours, weekends, holidays, etc.) Please click on this link MHHS Restricted Parking Diagram to see the diagram.
  22. Drivers, make certain to request your aide(s) to accompany you out to your vehicle so upon completion of your pre-trip you can depart without creating any additional traffic congestion on and around Bay 1, Bay 2, driveway leading up to Gifford Field and the fuel pumps particularly prior to the morning shift.

Please see links below for “Annual Driver Evaluation Form”, “Dress and Grooming Policy” and “2019-2020 Driver Aide Safeschool Training Form” for your review.

Annual Driver Evaluation Form
Dress and Groom Policy
Safeschool Training

Last modified: May 07, 2020