If a bus aide is scheduled to be on a bus route they assume these responsibilities for that trip. If there is no aide on the trip the driver assumes these responsibilities also:

  1. Aides are to maintain a professional and confidential relationship with students, parents, caregivers and the driver.
  2. Aides shall continually monitor all students on the bus.
  3. Aides shall assist with the loading and unloading of students; however, only the driver shall operate the wheelchair lift.
  4. Aides shall ensure that all students are properly secured before the bus starts.
  5. Aides shall ensure that all loose items brought onboard by the students are secured.
  6. Aides are responsible for the supervision of all students on the bus and shall not leave the bus when students are on board.

#Aides should monitor and ensure all students are seated safely in their seats and that the isle is clear of obstructions and/or students.
  1. Aides shall report all student-related problems to the Transportation Coordinator on the forms provided.
  2. Aides shall not use any electronic devices including cell phones or musical devices with or without headphones.
  3. If the driver becomes incapacitated the aide takes over control of the situation.
  4. Aides should be seated at an advantageous location to monitor everyone on the bus and seat belts shall be worn by everyone. The only exception to this statement is when an aide is designated as a 1 on 1 to a student (This constitutes her sole responsibility is directed to the well being of that one student).
  5. Aides shall memorize the bus route they are assigned so that in the event of their assigned driver’s absence, they can help navigate the substitute driver.

Please see link below for the Bus Aide Evaluation Form.

Bus Aide Evaluation Form

Last modified: 2019/09/13