Trips are assigned to MHRD contracted Bus Drivers unless the departure time is between 2:00 PM and 3:45 PM. In those cases, an approved contractor bus will be used. Trips are assigned to MHRD contracted drivers on an equitable basis.

Three picklists are established twice per year, in September and February. They are:

  • New York/Philadelphia,
  • Weekend,
  • Weekday.

Errors made by the Board of Education whereby requiring a greater number of drivers than are necessary for a trip, the senior driver/driver’s who are not needed shall be relieved of their duty but will be paid as though they actually drove the trip with the exception of, a trip requiring multiple drivers and an error is made or trip was modified and fewer drivers are needed the trip history will be contemplated to determine which driver(s) who has been assigned the trip the longest.

If a driver is eligible for a second trip on the same day, the department will follow a minimum of a 90-minute window of separation between the scheduled arrival time and the departure of the second assignment.

If you are assigned

As trips are assigned from the appropriate list and the available driver with the least number of trips is automatically assigned. An email is sent to the driver with the date, time and location of the trip. The driver has 48 hours to reject that trip. If the trip is rejected, it is considered taken and then assigned to the next available driver on the list with the least amount of trips.

Last modified: May 07, 2020