This plan is designed to be implemented in the case of a major incident affecting the transportation of students within the UK, leaving the UK returning home or coming back to the UK to their school.


This plan applies to Bright World Guardianships student who are travelling unaccompanied and who are affected by a major incident, for example fog that closes an airport or an incident that closes an airport while they are in transit, deeming their onward journey impossible or subject to major delays.

The overall plan is to ensure that the child is moved to a safe place and if possible to safe accommodation which will be dependent upon whether the incident takes place within the UK or at a transport hub or location outside the UK.

All plans will be made in cooperation with the school, parents, transport companies and any authorities involved in the incident.

1. An incident within the UK

Bright World, as policy, allows extra generous time to travel to airports to cater for those times when check-in takes a long time due to enhanced security checks or travel problems en route due to traffic accidents and bad weather. We always add half an hour to the predicted travel time to the airport and we insist on arrival 3 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

If a student’s flight is cancelled or missed due to an incident, Bright World pledges to find them safe travel to a host family until their flight is rebooked.

If a student needs to be accompanied at the airport, Bright World will arrange an Airport Angel or Bright World Representative to sit and supervise the child until they can continue their journey.

2. An incident outside the UK at a transport hub

Bright World will remain in contact with parents, school and students in the case where a student is stranded at an airport, and unaccompanied whilst attempting to travel back to the UK or back to home.

Although we would be unable to travel to meet them we will do all we can to liaise with authorities, any help or information centres and act as a go-between for parents, school and students. International helplines would be set up for all enquiries and details of these would be available via the internet and social media as important points of contact with the statutory authorities.

If the said information centres are not able to help with accommodation if the child is to be stranded overnight, we would, on the advice of parents, arrange for hotel accommodation or alternative accommodation if necessary.

Bright World’s emergency telephone 01273836060 will remain live and available to anyone involved 24/7. In the event of our telephone being overloaded with calls, we will publish alternative telephone numbers to be used instead and we will ensure we are available 24/7.

Our emergency email address can be used within waking hours.

Throughout the incident Bright World will communicate with all interested parties, school, drivers, parents and students

3. In the event of missing or absent student

In the event of a missing or absent student, Bright World will follow our Absent and Missing Student Policy also found in this manual, liaising with the parents, school and police as appropriate.

4. In the Event of Health Pandemic

Bright World Guardianships is committed to working with our partner schools to ensure that students are safe and well-cared for during any health pandemics. We will monitor the situation regularly and follow the advice of Public Health England (PHE), or the Public Health bodies in Wales and Scotland accordingly.

Depending on the nature of the pandemic, Bright World understands that students, parents and schools may have to change their plans at short notice and will remain on hand to offer 24/7 assistance.

If a Bright World student presents with symptoms

Whilst at school

Unless further guidance was issued, we would continue to follow our Covid-19 policy in the instance of another pandemic.
As per PHE Guidance, international students should be isolated in school should they present with symptoms while they are there. We are liaising with schools to ensure that they will be isolating children who present with symptoms whilst in the boarding house. This complies with UK Government advice. It is not possible or permitted to place a symptomatic student into a host family. We refer to UK Government Guidance which we expect boardings schools to follow which states:

__Most children or young persons, pupils and students in children’s social care, residential special schools and colleges and boarding schools will benefit more from self-isolating at their setting so that their usual support can continue. This could include when:

there is no suitable family home to return to
international students with no family resident in the UK
the health services they need cannot be supplied at home
the pupil or student would otherwise be significantly disadvantaged by the change_

We also refer to and expect schools to follow Boarding Schools Association guidance:

_We would like to remind our UK member schools that Government guidelines state that any child showing symptoms of COVID-19 should remain in their residential setting. In the case of a boarder, this means staying in the boarding school and being cared for in suitable accommodation there, or returning safely to their family home in the UK, rather than transferring elsewhere e.g. to a guardian, unless agreed with the relevant health authority. This is in order to avoid spreading the infection more widely than necessary.

Our decision not to even ask host families to take in symptomatic student or to ask a taxi driver to take a symptomatic student in their car with them is final. We are not prepared to go against Government Guidance or cause the spread of the pandemic into the community, nor are we willing to put our staff, host families or taxi drivers at risk in this way.

In the event of a school closure:*

Bright World’s policy is that, in the event of a prolonged school closure, healthy students must ultimately aim to either:
a) return home
b) be looked after by their parents
c) be looked after by another responsible adult (family friend/relative 25 years+)

Bright World will facilitate the school closure and the student’s forward planning by providing host family accommodation for healthy students, while they make their alternative arrangements. Should alternative arrangements not be possible then Bright World will continue to care for the student provided sufficient funds are provided to pay for host family or residential accommodation.

If there is a school closure and Bright World students at the affected school are displaying symptoms and/or awaiting test results for Covid-19, we are unable to accommodate these students in host families, due to the risk to the host family and wider communities. Any such student will need to remain in isolation within the school’s isolation provision, until they receive the all-clear, or are admitted to a medical facility. If a student receives a negative test result, we will then accommodate them as per above, pending their return home or being cared for by family or friends.

If all or part of a school is closing and any of our students who are healthy and non-symptomatic are required to leave and self-isolate due to contact with a possible/positive case of pandemic illness, we will be able to accommodate these students in our carefully risk-assessed host families, where students can isolate away from other family members.

Published: March 2016
Reviewed: February 2021


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