If you received a KC-BRAINware 5, 25 or 50 seed unit and the device is requesting a MFA upon sign in – please follow the steps below to re-image the device for testing.

Setup Requirements

  • Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor for KC-BRAINware hardware
  • WAN access to cloud servers is required for initial setup
  • Min 1GB flash drive that can be wiped and built to become a bootable Linux drive

If you previously used this article to setup a seed unit, we have recently made changes to the installer found in the One Drive. Please remove the existing ISO and sum files from your downloads folder before following the next steps.

Download the Kramer Ubuntu ISO file here

Inside this folder there is two additional downloads MD5SUMS and SHA256SUMS. You can download one or both of these files to be used as a checksum to ensure your ISO file downloaded properly.

  • Using Terminal on a MAC you can run the checksum files to confirm the ISO download
    • Keep the checksum files and the ISO files in the same directory (my machine both files were in the Downloads directory)
  1. Change directory to Downloads
    • __cd ~/Downloads_
  2. Execute this code the check the ISO file download
  • md5sum -c MD5SUMS & return
  • or sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS & return

Transferring existing licenses from server

Before we begin creating the bootable USB we need to transfer the licenses from the existing server hardware.

Process to transfer files from server to local machine

This article was written in relation to a MAC operating system. The process is much different when using a Windows machine.

  • If you are using Windows, you will need to download an add on program called WinSCP
  1. Using Keyboard and Mouse connected to KC-BRAINware server login to CLI
    • Username = kc-brainware
    • Password = Kramer
  2. Switch to nebula license directory
    • cd .nebula/licenses & return
  3. Transfer all licenses using scp to your local machine
    • scp *.prod username@ip_of_machine:~
      • This transfer requires SSH access to your local machine. On MAC sshd will need to be active and running.
      • The last bit :~ transfers the production licenses (.prod) to your home directory of your machine
  4. If the above script was correct you will see statuses with 100% next to the title of the license file
  5. Confirm the files have been moved by opening Finder and navigating to your Home directory using Shift + Command + G and searching for ~

NOTE If you are using WinSCP you will need to connect to the Remote server and search files

  • Search for .nebula/licenses to view the existing license files on the BRAINware hardwar

Creating bootable USB using a MAC computer

The KC-BRAINware hardware is Linux based. There is a detailed how to article found here to create a bootable USB while using a MAC computer

NOTE In step 3 – the option for scheme may not appear. I was successful in creating the bootable USB without configuring the scheme. However, if you create the drive and re-insert to your MAC – open Etcher you will see this option on the second load of the USB drive to your MAC.

Re-Imaging KC-BRAINware hardware

  1. Plug the bootable USB into the back of the KC-BRAINware hardware
  2. Power cycle the KC-BRAINware hardware
  3. Press delete key on keyboard repeatedly during boot up sequence to enter the BIOS menu
  4. Enter the BIOS password
    • KramerControl

Select the Boot tab that appears atop this new screen

  • Inside the Boot area select Boot Option 1 and double click on the Option to show the UEFI (USB) options

Select the Save & Exit tab

  • Double click the Save Changes and Reset option

After saving settings in BIOS, the Linux OS will load and present you with multiple options. Select the option to Install Ubuntu server with BRAINware

After the fresh boot is finished, a hardware reboot will occur and the finish steps of the installation will occur after reboot

Press ‘Enter’ if the Login prompt does not appear. You should see these options below

  • Brainware login = kramer
  • Password = KC_Brainware

Transferring Licenses to server from local machine

The process to transfer the licenses from the server was covered in the beginning of this article. These steps below cover how to transfer the files back to the server after the server has been wiped and the new Linux has been installed

  • If using Windows, you will need to use WinSCP to return to the files to the proper directory and folder
    • .nebula/licenses
  1. Open Terminal
  2. From within your Home directory send the below script
    • _scp *.prod kramer@IP_OF_BRAINWARE_SERVER:~/.nebula/licenses & return
    • In the process mentioned earlier, we stored the licenses in our home directory which is the default directory accessible when opening Terminal
  3. Enter password of Server & return
    • KC_Brainware
  4. Status should appear showing 100% transfer

Confirm licenses

Return to the KC-BRAINware server unit with keyboard and mouse connected

  1. Enter below script
    • cd .nebula/licenses & return
  2. Enter ls & return

If the process was successful you will see the list of available licenses for your unit

  • 5 licenses for KC-BRAINware5
  • 25 licenses for KC-BRAINware25
  • 50 licenses for KC-BRAINware50

This process explains the reformatting of your KC-BRAINware unit. Additional steps to use the KC-BRAINware can be found in the next article

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Last modified: Jun 12, 2020


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