IP2 troubleshooting

  • Q. IP2 page is not accessible.
    A. Check that tomcat server is running (as ip2 user) : killtomcat (this command will restart the IP2 server)
    Check that apache server is running (as root) : /etc/init.d/httpd status or /etc/init.d/httpd restart
    Check that mysql server is running (as root): /etc/init.d/mysqld status or /etc/init.d/mysqld restart
  • Q. How can we check if the ip2 server process is running?
    A. ps ux | grep catalina. This command will display the process. You may run kill -9 process_id to terminate the process. In general, if you want to restart the ip2 server, we recommend that you run ‘killtomcat’ command.
  • Q. I cannot open the IP2 in url http://my.web.com/ip2, but I can open http://my.web.com:8080/ip2
    A. The adapter between the IP2 tomcat server and web server is not properly running. You need to make sure the apache config file (e.g. httpd.conf) has proper configuration, as below.
    ProxyPass /ip2 http://my.web.com:8080/ip2
    ProxyPassReverse /ip2 http://my.web.com:8080/ip2
    ProxyPass /helper http://my.web.com:8080/helper
    ProxyPassReverse /helper http://my.web.com:8080/helper
    If it was already done, you can try to restart the web server by running a command ‘killtomcat’.
  • Q. In Centos 7, how can I start apache and iptables?
    A. systemctl enable httpd
    systemctl restart httpd
    systemctl enable iptables.service
    systemctl restart iptables.service


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