Identification Stat Compare statistically compares samples by using spectral counts to find regulated proteins.
To start, you can click the “Project” tab to view all existing projects with a set of experiments.

Figure 10.2.1: Home Page.

Click “view” to list the existing experiments.

Figure 10.2.2: List of Projects.

Click “identification_STAT COMPARE” to list all existing comparisons.

Figure 10.2.3: List of Identification Comparison.

Click “ID©Stat_COMPARE” to build a new comparison.

Figure 10.2.4: List of Comparison Run Icon.

Create a group name, such as “control”, and select experiments by clicking checkboxes. Then, click on “Add to group” to add selected experiments to a group.

Figure 10.2.5: Creating Identification Compare Group.

Create another group name, for example, “mutant,” and select experiments by clicking checkboxes as before. Then, click on “Add to group” to add them to this group.

Figure 10.2.6: Creating a second Identification Compare Group.

Verify groups and selected experiments, and click on the “Next” button.

Figure 10.2.7: Create the Identification Compare.

Name the comparison, for example, “My comparison,” and click the run button.

Figure 10.2.8: Run Identification Compare.

Click “view” to open comparison results.

Figure 10.2.9: Identification Compare List.

Click “volcano plot” to open a volcano graph of the comparison results

Figure 10.2.10: View Identification Compare.

The volcano plow for the identification compare will then be displayed.

Figure 10.2.11: Volcano Plot.


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