List your products quickly by importing your saved Scoutify 2 Buy List or one you created! Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating a Buy List in Scoutify.

Start a new batch by clicking the New Batch button:

Click Select File:

Locate the saved .csv file on your computer and select OPEN

Notice the Workflow Type has been automatically set as Private. This is the default workflow type for a batch that includes imported product listings.

Make the appropriate selections for the remaining batch configurations (e.g., Ship From address, Packing Type, Box Content enabling/disabling, etc.) and click Process Buy List.

After the Buy List has been successfully loaded, configure the other settings (Channel, Workflow type, etc.) and then click the Process Buy List button.:

A green popup tells you your Buy List is now being processed. When complete, you’ll be advanced to the final validation steps before creating your batch.


After the buy list has been processed, your items will display on your List>Open Batch page. This is the initial step of the buy list process, and is noted by the indicator on the menu bar just below the batch name. There are 3 steps to this process:

  1. InventoryLab Validation
  2. Amazon Validation
  3. Batch Creation

InventoryLab Validation

The products included in your Buy List have now been validated by InventoryLab.

The column headers indicate the information that is displayed in each particular column, and some of them are sortable (noted by the small up and down arrows to the right of the title:

Your inventory is listed below the column headers and they are color coded.

  • GREEN product listings have been successfully added to the batch.
  • RED product listings alert you to an action that is required before an ASIN can be added. These will always appear at the top of the list. (Additional details below)
  • GRAY indicates a product has been removed from the batch.

Track any remaining product alerts at the lower left corner of the screen.

Total Included MSKUs: Total quantity of MSKUs successfully added to the batch
Issues: Number of MSKUs that require action (Merge duplicates, indicate MSKU as a Replenishment, etc.)
Removed MSKUs: Total quantity of MSKUs removed from the batch

In this example, 106 MSKUs were successfully added to the batch, four require further action, and two products were removed. The display will update as action is taken on the four listings in red.

MSKUs Requiring Action

Any steps required before an MSKU can be added to the batch appear in the Action column.

Merge Duplicates:

The batch includes a duplicate of this MSKU.

Click the Merge Duplicates button to merge the quantities of the duplicates into a single listing. The cost per unit, supplier, and purchase date of the duplicate that was originally added to the list will be applied.

If you have two issues that are the same product, as shown below, you address each one separately. You can merge one and remove the other, or remove both or merge both.

Remove Duplicates:

If necessary, you can also REMOVE one or all of the duplicates.

Removing an MSKU will cause the product listing to appear in gray and an option to Undo the Removal will appear. Select Undo the Removal to add the MSKU back to the batch and take the required action.

Create Child ASIN:

The batch includes a product with variations. (Size, Color, etc.)

Click the Choose Child ASIN button and select the appropriate product variation.


The batch includes a product InventoryLab recognizes as already existing in your inventory. Click the Replenish button and choose to use the existing MSKU or a new MSKU. Click here for additional details about replenishing a product in your inventory.

Once all the issues have been addressed, you can now click the Amazon Validation button at the lower right and proceed to the final step before creating the batch.

Amazon Validation

A green popup appears letting you know that Amazon is in the process of validating the products in your Buy List.

If Amazon identifies an issue or needs more information about a product, an error will be displayed.

Close the error and locate the product(s), if any, in your Buy List that Amazon is alerting you to.

Missing Dimensions:

Amazon requires updated dimensions for a product in the batch.

Click the Add Dimensions button and enter the appropriate information. A green popup will let you know the dimensions were sent successfully.

If you’d rather not enter the required dimensions you can also choose to REMOVE the item entirely.

A Dimensions Alert is the only actionable issue in the Amazon Validation process. Any other issues found by Amazon will automatically add the product to the Removed MSKUs total and the listings will be greyed out. These include Restricted or Hazmat items.

With all of your MSKUs validated by InventoryLab and again by Amazon you’re able to advance to the final step by clicking the Create Batch button.

Batch Creation

A green popup lets you know the process of creating your batch has begun.

When complete, the products included in your imported Buy List are added to the batch and are now displayed on the List>Open Batches screen.

You can manually add additional products to the batch or move forward in the process by Creating Shipments and entering your Box Content Information.

If you want to create your own buy list to import, we have also made that option available.

For additional information, check out our video: Import Your Scoutify Buy List

Import Your Scoutify Buy List from InventoryLab on Vimeo.

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